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IPSC Welcome to ARPC Action Shooters
      Thank you for visiting the ARPC Action Shooters website.
The club is dedicated to the advancement of a marksmanship discipline known as "practical shooting". This site contains wealth of information about practical shooting, club activities and other information of interest to the IPSC shooting enthusiast.

General Information

 ARPC Action Shooters is hosted by Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club in St. Louis, MO. It is a "member" club with some guest privileges. Anyone can come and shoot three times as a guest. This is 3 times total (two steel match, one IPSC match) or any combination of steel and IPSC match.

 After your initial 3 guest visits you can continue to come as a non-member with the following guidelines.

 Non-members who wish to participate in sanctioned matches and who meet all of the following criteria shall not be subject to the “three visit rule” above.

  • Demonstrate that they are a current member of another recognized gun club
  • Demonstrate that they are a current member of the NRA
  • Demonstrate that they reside more than a one hour drive (one way) from ARPC
  • Pay a match fee that is three times the cost paid by ARPC members for the match
    (For Steel Plates or USPSA match’s the match fee for non-members is $15.00)

You may also formally join by applying for membership to the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club.


Match Calendar