No Broadcast Message.

1. The shooter will be in the shooting box or behind the foul line.
2. Range officer(RO) gives the initial command: "you make take an unloaded
    sight picture and/or you may load and make ready".
Sight pictures will
    not be allowed after the first string of fire.
3. The participant should indicate ready by raising his hands above the shoulders
    so that his wrists may be seen from behind. Exception to this rule are those
    participants shooting without a holster (e.g. Cal .22 shooters) in which case
    should assume the ready position as describe earlier.
4. Range Officer - "is the shooter ready?" or "are you ready?"
5. Range Officer - "Stand by"
6. The range officer will set timer off in 1 to 3 seconds.
7. The participant will then engage the target array as described in the stage description.
8. After engaging the target array, the participant should re-load or verify that
    there are sufficient rounds remaining to re-engage the target array.
9. Steps 3 through 8 shall be repeated until the described number of engagements
    (runs or strings) have been achieved.
10. Range Officer - "Show Clear"
11. The participant will: