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1. Cold ranges rules will apply.
     a. Weapons may only be handled in a designated safe area or    
         on the firing line under the direct supervision of the range officer.
     b. The range officer's primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the participants.

 2. The ready condition of pistols in the shooting box will be:
     a. Cal 22 handguns:  - loaded,  safety off, gun pointed down range at 45 degree angle to the
         ground, finger out of trigger guard.
     b. Single action revolvers: hammer fully down. If equipped  with a safety transfer bar,
         half cocked. If equipped with a safety notch. on empty chamber - if the firing pin contacts
         the primer with the hammer down.
     c. Double action revolvers: hammer fully down. no half cocks.
     d. Pistols:
          (1) Single action - hammer fully cocked with the thumb safety on safe.
          (2) Double action - safety on. May not be carried fully cocked. on "ready" if the safety
                mechanism drops the hammer when the safety is actuated.

 3. Eye protection is mandatory for anyone at the range during steel shoots. ro's will stop any
     shooting if any person present at the stage does not have eye protection.

 4. Hearing protection is recommended.

 5. The weapon will be out of the holster when reloading.